Cancellation & Refund Policy

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Since this is a pre-paid connection the services cannot be discontinued/surrendered and no refund is applicable. Tracknet Services Pvt. Ltd. disown any such responsibility of refunding partial/full amount of any purchase made for the pre-paid token under any circumstances. Thus once purchased a pre paid token customer will not be entitled to canell the purchase for claiming any refund.

Refund is NOT APPLICABLE in following cases:

  • ✔ Customer end issue - Internal Conceal Wiring, Internal Network setup, customer's unjustifiable demand, Customer defined service parameters etc.
  • ✔ Wrong Commitment from Sales Executives - Customer will not accept any verbal commitment from Salesman or any employee of Track Hotspot.
  • ✔ Customer end issue - Terrace Permission - This is customer's responsibility to arrange required permissions for installation of CPE.
  • ✔ Customer shifting to Non RFS / Non feasible area.
  • ✔ Customer's own technical issue - Poor internal LAN cabling and Wi-Fi coverage, issue with multiple system, customer owned Wi-Fi router etc.
  • ✔ Customer's own issues.
  • ✔ No use of Services due to customer going out of station / on holidays.
  • ✔ Security Deposit in case CPE lost, stolen, damaged, customer not willing to return due to service issue.
  • ✔ Free validity offered under various plans does not have any commercial value and benefit of this validity cannot be adjusted.
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